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We request that all ALUMNI place an order for your transcripts via this electronic form if you are able to physically arrive to pick up your own records. This will expedite the preparation of your requested transcripts for pick up. If you are not arriving to pick up your own records DO NOT FILL THIS FORM OUT. Please go to On that web page locate the "downloadable request form" and mail in your request with the required fee. Please note: This form is NOT for current students. Current Students must see their counselors.

Choose a pick-up date and time. A verification email will be sent to you the day before your pickup date; this email will include further instructions. Please note: if you cannot physically pick up your transcripts you will need to email

Please follow the procedures outlined below for obtaining your transcript:
1) All transcript requests will be processed within 48 hours. No immediate requests will be honored.

2) Transcripts can ONLY be given to the named record holder after they have graduated, no one else.

3) Bring with you identification (State ID, Drivers License, or Passport).

4) Indicate which transcript is needed. Each requested official transcript bearing school seal and sealed in an envelope is $3.00. Each requested unofficial transcript plain no seals is $2.00.

5) A request will be denied if there are any outstanding balances due to the school at the time of the request. Once the balance is reconciled, the transcript will be issued.

6) Acceptable form of payment is cash (paper currency only) or money order. Please bring the exact total as I will not have change to provide. My office is not set-up to receive electronic payments, i.e. debit/credit cards. We also cannot accept personal checks.

*Transcripts can ONLY be picked up Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. as my office has to be available for our students during their lunch periods. Please indicate the exact time below as I need to inform our security of your arrival.
My office is NOT open on weekends or school holidays. If a transcript is requested passed 2:30pm on Friday afternoon I will not have it processed for a Monday Pickup. Please keep the 48-hour processing request in mind when picking your pickup date. My office will be closed on Monday, February 17th for President's Day. I will reopen again on Tuesday, February 18th.

***PLEASE NOTE: ALUMNI FROM THE CLASSES OF 2009 AND PRIOR MUST CONTACT CPS FORMER STUDENT RECORDS FOR THEIR TRANSCRIPTS. Here is the link to their website: Alumni from 2010 to recently graduated 2019 will be able to obtain transcripts via this online transcript request form.***
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Pick from listed dates for pickup. (Please remember 48 hours notice is needed.) My office will not be open on Monday, Feb 17th for Presidents Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, Feb 18th. *
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