Ovvy On-call Survey
On-call is painful, but we can work toward improving it. We want to uncover how we as an industry are evaluating our on-call processes. The survey should take no more than 8 minutes of your time.

The survey closes June 26, 2020, with the report expected to be complete August, 2020. To learn more about why we're running this survey, visit https://ovvy.io/impact
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Section 1: About you (5 questions about your role and involvement in incident response)
Over your career, how long have you been responding to incidents? *
In your current role, on average, in a week, how many incidents do you work on in a week? *
Which descriptions reflect your responsibilities right now? (Choose all that apply) *
How satisfied are you with the current on-call practices at your organization? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
If you weren't required to do on-call at your organization, would you still volunteer to do it? *
Section 2: How companies evaluate the on-call process (7 questions)
Of the following, how are any issues around on-call discussed? *
What are the most likely ways to trigger a discussion around on-call processes? *
How often is your feedback toward incident response/being on-call solicited? *
If you had concerns around on-call, how supported do you feel by your lead? *
Not supported
Extremely supported
Does your company regularly evaluate its incident response process? *
How do you gain visibility into how your on-call process is working? (Check all that apply) *
How satisfied are you with the visibility into your on-call processes? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Section 3: About your company (3 questions)
Is there someone who currently leads improving on-call?
Clear selection
How many people are responsible for incident response (IT, Ops, SRE, etc.) *
What is the size of your company? *
Is there anything we should consider around evaluating on-call processes? (Optional)
That was the last survey question! Include your email address below for a copy of the survey when it's ready. In the meanwhile, you'll receive useful information about on-call, incident response, and site reliability engineering.
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