ETA Boo at the Zoo Volunteer Form
ETA would like to participate in Boo at the Zoo this year. The event is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for two weekends in a row, October 20-22 and October 27-29. The event is 5-8 on Fridays and Saturdays and 3-6 on Sundays, but tables need to be set up before the start time each day and manned for up to an hour after the closing time each day in order to accommodate all guests. Each of the six days is divided into two shifts below, and we need 2-3 volunteers per shift (maximum is 6). You are encouraged to dress in costume or ETA shirts, and you are welcome to work an entire night or more than one night. If you would like to sign up to work with a friend or family member, just complete the survey for each person who is volunteering, or add their name(s) with yours. All goodies will be supplied by ETA.
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Friday, October 20
Saturday, October 21
Sunday, October 22
Friday, October 27
Saturday, October 28
Sunday, October 29
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