Survey on School Conferences
International School of Stuttgart, Germany
We are part of a focus group looking to improve the way we run conferencing in our school. We'd love to hear about success stories in other schools. Thank you for taking the time to fill in this form.
What programs do you offer at your school?
Where is your school located?
What is the main language of instruction at your school?
Roughly what percentage of EAL students are enrolled in your school?
What is the size of your student population?
What time of the year do you hold conferences?
Your answer
How often do you hold conferences?
How long do teachers meet with students/parents (minutes) on average for each conference?
Do your conferences include both students and parents?
Are your conferences student-led, meaning the student drives the direction of the conference?
What are the expectations for teachers, students and parents?
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How do you handle language barriers in conferences?
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Do your teachers do any preparatory exercises with students before the conferences?
Goal setting, reflections on grades, prepping questions etc
If yes to previous question, please describe
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Is there an organising theme for your conferences - such as focussing on skills development?
Example focus on ATLs
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Do you run any general informational sessions during the conferences?
For example tech drop ins, welcome from the director etc
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What do you find works very well at your school? / Anything else?
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Thank you for participating in our survey.
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