Soaringmeteo questionnaire
Your responses to the following questions would help in choosing what future improvements and developments to plan for
I am a...
What is your aim in visiting Soaringmeteo ?
Now and again
Evaluate the day's thermal potential
View the emagram forecasts
Plan my holidays/weekend based on forecasts
Read the documentation on weather models and forecasting
Estimate if a specific day will be flyable or not
Get forecasts in text format
Choose my flying site
Know the wind forecasts at a specific place
Do you use Soaringmeteo for other than free flying?
Which answer corresponds best ?
In the sample screen-shots from Soaringmeteo below, do you understand all of the numbers shown?
Captionless Image
Do you know how to decode an emagram?
The current site is not optimised for smart-phones or tablets, which would you prefer to use in the future?
Globally, are you happy with the forecasts ?
If you replied no, please explain why
Your answer
Soaringmeteo future development: What do you think of the following ideas ?
Don't care
Would be nice, but can wait
Great, to be done soon!
E-mail alert when forecasts look good
Improve the website design and ease of use
View on a map (instead of current coloured spots)
WRF seasonal regional forecast (e.g. Brazil + Australia in winter, etc.)
Show the reliability of forecasts
Save favourite places
Access forecasts from several days previously
More GFS locations
More days for WRF forecasts
More WRF locations
Would you be willing to help Soaringmeteo financially to cover operating costs (servers, hosting, etc.) ?
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