ESSA’s First Year in Action, What to Know & What Has Changed?
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Supplemental funding from Title IV, Part A is divided into “three pots,” each addressing diverse portions of a student’s educational experience. Which section is directly associated with music and arts education and qualifies these programs for funding? *
If a state chooses to allocate their Title IV, Part A funds as a competitive grant for FY2017, which of the following is NOT a requirement? *
Select ALL of the following that is true. These programs are being targeted for elimination by the Trump Administration’s FY2018 Budget: *
The Trump Administration’s FY2018 Budget proposes language that devotes $1.0 billion of Title I, Part A funds towards portability, where funds would follow a low-income student to a public school of his or her choice. *
Each State’s finalized ESSA Plans are public and can be found on your state’s ESSA Implementation websites. *
In 60% of states that have submitted ESSA plans, music and arts education have been included in accountability systems. *
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