Student Leader Application 2019
The positions you are applying for are leadership-oriented; outstanding leadership qualities should be evident long BEFORE becoming a student leader. Not every student will be chosen for a leadership position. If you can not accept the reality that you may not be chosen, then you should not try out for this position.

- Sophomore, Junior or Senior
- Good standing academically with GLHS & with the Director.
- Volunteer Experience within the GLHS Band Program (Pep Band, Prop Crew, Equipment Crew, etc.)

Necessary Qualities of a Student Leader
- On Time & Attending All Rehearsals
- Organized & Responsible
- Strong Communication Skills
- Problem Solving Skills
- Conflict Resolution Skills
- Interpersonal Skills
- Dependable
- Positive Mentality

Leadership Roles
- Drum Major
- Field Conductor(s)
- Brass Sergeant
- Woodwind Sergeant
- Percussion Captain
- Color Guard Captain
- Flute Section Leader
- Clarinet Section Leader
- Saxophone Section Leader
- Trumpet Section Leader
- Mellophone Section Leader
- Trombone / Baritone Section Leader
- Tuba Section Leader
- Battery Section Leader
- Frontline Section Leader
- Electronics Manager
- Color Guard Equipment Manager
- Color Guard Uniform Manager

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Do you have any leadership experience in or outside of band? If so, describe your experience and responsibilities. *
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In what ways or roles have you already served GL Bands? *
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Have you ever missed a band rehearsal or performance, excused or unexcused? (If yes, please elaborate) *
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Describe an experience when you had to resolve conflict between yourself and another person. *
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What is your process to prepare for a marching band rehearsal? *
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What are your top three strengths? ex; Punctual, Responsible, etc. Explain. *
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What are your top three weaknesses? ex; Timid, Doubtful, etc. Explain. *
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If selected, what goals do you have for the band next season, how can they be implemented, and what do you see the long-term results of those changes? *
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How important is the bands competitive score to you? What does placement and score mean to you? *
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In your own words, please explain what does it mean to be a leader? *
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If you are NOT selected to be a leader for next season, how to do continue to improve the band? *
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Requirements of Student Leaders
If selected for a leadership position in the 2019 Gull Lake Marching Band, you are REQUIRED to do the following...
- Attend leadership clinics set by Director
- Be at & early to every rehearsal. (Mini Camp, Pre Camp, Band Camp, Post Camp, School year rehearsals)
- Be at every performance (4th of July Parade, Band Camp, Football Games, Competitions, Festival, etc.)
- Be in Pep Band for Basketball Season
- Fulfill all duties pertaining to specific leadership positions (refer to Student Leader Handbook)
Are you able to commit and fulfill all the requirements above? *
If "No", Explain...
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Important Dates
March 1st - Application Due
March 11th - 15th - Leadership Interviews
March 12th - Drum Major Auditions (3PM)
March 28th - Student Leader Positions Announced
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