Rainbow 6 Siege Tryout Form
Answer the following questions and fill in the required information to help our organization know more about the incoming tryout class. Please make sure any kind of restriction used to deny information to outside stat/profile trackers (such as OP.GG, Overbuff, etc.) is disabled so our organization can fairly measure each individual. Feel free to add additional notes at the end of the form, otherwise good luck at tryouts!
First and last name: *
What is your Steam ID/Uplay Name/Gamertag? *
What is your Email? (School Preferred) *
Are you a full time student with a GPA at or above 2.25? *
Are all of your accounts in good standing and you have never been banned for any reason? *
What was your previous season rank? *
What is your current season rank? *
What is your Primary Role? (Anchor, Roamer, etc.) *
What is your Secondary Role? *
Who are your Top 3 Operators for Attack?
Who are your Top 3 Operators for Defense?
Do you have any experience playing in an organized setting? If yes, explain:
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