2020 ICBG International Student Leadership Summer Camp (http://www.icbgaoe.com)
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ICBG (Academy of Excellence) is the exclusive organizer for North America and India. ICBG是中学生领导力北美和印度的独家合作组织单位
Introduction (项目简介)
Following the success of the 9th National High School Student Leadership Convention and the first Sino-American High School Student Leadership Convention in 2018, Academy of Excellence, a branch of ICBG, will recruit 100 outstanding high school students worldwide to participate in next year’s convention. In 2020, it will be the 11th year anniversary for such a wonderful series program. It is going to be a 11-years-in-the-making celebration! We hope that your child will be part of it! The “ICBG International Leadership Program” provides American students a wonderful opportunity to step out from the school into the real world (from the States to China specifically in 2020), to compete with their peers globally. It will help students broaden their horizon and strengthen their leadership skills. The convention is a world class platform for the students to prove their capabilities and to demonstrate their contributions to the communities. Each student will receive 100 hours of SSL for participating in the entire project. If you are interested, please fill out the registration form on the third page. There is a travel option after the convention (fee not included).

ICBG旗下的菁英学院继2018年成功协办第九届全国中学生领导力展示会暨首届中美中学生展示会后,今年将组织100名优秀中学生参加展示会。2020年将迎来第十一届全国中学生领导力展示会暨第三届国际中学生领导力展示会,这将是一个盛大的庆典!我们希望您的孩子将成为其中的一员!走出校门,走向世界,与大师对话,激发自我潜能;与团队协作,迸发青春火花;参与中学生领导力展示会,与世界另一端的最优秀的同龄学生进行交流!给您的孩子创造一个拓展视野,创造价值,贡献社会,并展示自己领导力魅力的机会吧! 让中学生领导力展示会成为中美学生沟通交流的桥梁!每位学员将参与社会调研,服务社区,学生从参与项目开始可以一共获得100个小时的 SSL。

展示会日期:2020年7月20日- 2020年7月26日

Students will participate in the most prestigious “High School Student Leadership Convention” in China to present their leadership project. The Convention aims at building a platform for high school students to cultivate and showcase leadership by having them carry out a variety of student activities, such as collective exhibition, competitions, seminars, and view-exchanging forums.

Video of High School Leadership (in Chinese)领导力大会流程介绍
Additional Information
◆ 2020 Leadership Convention will be in Beijing, China, from July 20, 2020 to July 26, 2020.
◆ Registration fee: $100 (to guarantee a seat to participate in the convention), not refundable, payment due at registration.
Leadership Convention Fee: $880. All students will participate in three rounds of contests. Food and lodging are fully covered during the convention, payment due at the registration.
Leadership Project Processing Fee: $200 (includes project screening, team formation, project draft review, improvement suggestion, intermediate review, final review and rehearsal, all the projects should be reviewed and approved by ICBG), payment due at registration (refundable before a project starts)
◆ Payment method: Please make payment by paypal to: aoe.md.us@gmail.com (please indicate student's name and leadership camp).
◆ Qualification: healthy students ages 14 and up, GPA: 3.50 above
◆ Contact: Ms. He (301-651-6528), info@icbg.us or search for WeChat ID: AOEICBG & ICBGAOE
◆ Students who participate and complete all the leadership activities will be certified with 100 SSL hours
◆ Travel option after the convention with additional charge.
◆ If interested, please fill out the registration form on the third page, and we will contact you with further information!

◆领导力项目指导和评审费:200美金。费用包括项目筛选、学生组团、项目草案、改进建议、中间评审,最后评审和试讲。费用在报名时支付, 项目启动前可退款。
◆付款方式:paypal: aoe.md.us@gmail.com (留言里注明领导力和学生姓名)
◆ 参赛学生要求:14岁以上身心健康的学生,GPA:3.50以上
◆联系人:何老师 (301-651-6528),或info@icbg.us 或加微信好友 AOEICBG和ICBGAOE

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