Breakthrough Houston (BTH) College Bound Program Mentor Application
*All applications should be submitted by Friday, September 28th, 2018. In addition to completing this form, please send a copy of your resume/profile/bio to Kurchi Basu:

Breakthrough Houston Overview
- One of Princeton Review’s Top 10 Internships in America! (formerly Summerbridge Houston)
- BTH is a tuition-free, year-round academic enrichment program.
- BTH focuses its attention on academically talented students with limited educational opportunities.
- Our students primarily attend Houston public schools (HISD).
- Students begin the program in the summer following their 6th grade year. The program consists of 3 rigorous, six-week summer
-sessions and a school-year program for middle school students, and a college bound program for high school students.
-BTH is a six-year commitment for all students.

College Bound Program Mentor Expectations
- Commit to the current College Bound Program, October 2018-April 2019
- Meet with your assigned mentee(s) at the four designated sessions (see calendar below)
- Keep in touch with your mentee(s) via phone calls, emails, online chats, or meetings in public spaces (i.e.: coffee shops) on a regular basis to discuss classes, grades, extracurricular activities, community service and summer opportunities, social life, etc.
- Refer students to BTH academic/college readiness supports if necessary.

Mentor College Bound Calendar '18-'19
*Below are the dates that we ask our Mentors to commit to, if they are able and their schedule permits. If you are unable to attend, please just communicate and reschedule a meeting with your mentee.

Mentoring Meeting 1 - October 20th, 2018– @ SJS Flores Hall
"Mentor Orientation”: 12:00pm
“Meet the Mentees”: 12:15-1:00pm

Mentoring Meeting 2 – December 1st, 2018
Mentors and students grades 9-12; Community Service--TBD 9am-12pm
Intercultural Celebration @ SJS Flores Hall
Mentors and students grades 9-12; 12pm-2pm

Mentoring Meeting 3 – February 2019 (date TBD)
“HHF Career and Education Day”
10am – 12pm @ The George R. Brown Convention Center
Date TBD


“Community Service"
Date, Time, and Location TBD

Mentoring Meeting 4 -- April 13th, 2019 - 12pm-2pm – @ SJS Great Hall
“Closing Ceremony”/Intercultural Celebration Honoring our Seniors.
Mentors, students 9-12, and families

Optional Sessions

“NACAC College Fair”
@ NRG Park
Date and Time TBD (Early April)

April 26-27, 2019 (Mentor Chaperones Needed)
Mentors and students grades 10th and 11th; More details to come.

Want more information?
Please email or call CALL 713-850-0222 x434

Kurchi Basu
College Bound Program Director
Breakthrough Houston
2401 Claremont Ln
Houston, TX 77019

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Why are you interested in mentoring Breakthrough Houston high school students? What do you hope to gain from this experience, either personally or professionally?
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Adolescence is often a tumultuous time during which young people need good role models. Tell us why our students will see you as a role model.
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