Ashland Business Immediate Needs Survey
As we each run these economic rapids we are curious to learn what you are seeing and needing.

We are a group of local business owners trying to think realistically and creatively about the challenges and opportunities this volatility creates. Together, we stand a lot better chance of getting through this without losing the businesses and the community we love.

Once we stabilize our businesses, we are curious about how can we design what comes next for our town before that is determined by people who might not understand Ashland's unique qualities.

If you can take a few minutes to answer these questions now, we will share results early next week.


Stephen Sloan and Julie O'Dwyer

A bit more about Stephen here:

More about Julie here:

Learn more about this community project here:

For practical advice on leading your organization through this crisis, see our post here:
What's needed to stabilize your business? More customers/sales of course, and what else?
How can the community support you?
How can you support the community in ways that might not be obvious to us all?
Have you seen any creative solutions in our community that more people should know about?
What solutions or approaches have you heard about that might work here in Ashland?
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