Release Promotion for The Hardest Hit by Bethany Maines, Book #3 in the Deveraux Legacy
════ The Hardest Hit ════
Evan Deveraux has faced down his demons, but can he face his own family?

The Hardest Hit, a romantic thriller, continues the Deveraux family saga, this time with Evan Deveraux, the troubled Wall Street wizard who struggles with the burden of his family’s secrets. With multiple points of view, family secrets, feminist flair, and thrills at every turn, The Hardest Hit delivers a one-two punch of passion and action that will keep readers turning the pages.

Cover Reveal: August 30, 2021
Release: October 18, 2021
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Tags: action-packed, romantic, funny, suspense, family drama, HEA
Series: Deveraux Legacy Book #3
Tour: October 18 - 21
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The one thing that kept red-headed and troubled Wall Street wizard Evan Deveraux from giving into his own depression was the love of his family. But as Evan digs deeper into his family’s past he discovers a secret that shakes his faith in the Deveraux family and his grandmother the Senator Eleanor Deveraux. Now the only person Evan can trust is the girl who insanely believes he’s her white knight—Dr. Olivia West. The brilliant and adorable Olivia is clueless, not just about the size of Evan’s bank account, but his family as well, and Evan would like to keep it that way. But Evan’s abusive past and dark family history are on a collision course with the present and even as Evan fights to keep Olivia safe from the mercenaries targeting his family, Evan and Olivia find their relationship in cross-hairs of both their families. When Evan is given an ultimatum between protecting his family and breaking up with Olivia, he knows that his own happiness has to come second. But Evan’s cousin Jackson has no intention of letting Evan’s one chance at love get away and Evan is going to need the strength of all of his cousins to make his happily ever after come true.


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Dear everyone who has read this far,

If I could hug you I would. The Deveraux Legacy Series is one that grabbed me by the imagination and wouldn't let me go. I loved all of the Deveraux family and I appreciate everyone who has come on the journey with me so far. The final (?) book The Fallen Man is coming in 2022 and I can't wait to share Jackson's story with all of you. But for now, please fall in love with Evan, because I know I did. I appreciate the time, energy and love that you give to reading and books and wish all of you the very best!

Bethany Maines

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