FATMAP Bug Report
Fly in the ointment? Ghost in the machine? Tell us about it and we'll fix it, pronto!
What kind of a bug is / was it?
What is / was the problem that it has caused you?
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Were you able to resolve it?
Did you get an error message?
If yes, let us know exactly which one
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Can we reproduce the problem?
Please tell us how we can reproduce this bug
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What mobile operating system are you using?
What device model are you using?
eg. iPhone 6, 6S, 5, 5S, iPad Air 2 Cellular...
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What version of the OS are you using?
Please tell us your operating system version (e.g. iOS 8.12)
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Please tell us the capacity of your device (e.g. 16GB, 64GB etc.)
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Available Capacity
Please tell us the available space on your device (e.g. 2.4GB)
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FATMAP App Version
Please tell us which version of FATMAP you are running (found under settings menu in FATMAP).
FATMAP Email Address
Please tell us your FATMAP registered email address
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Registered FATMAP Email Address
Please tell us the email address you registered to FATMAP with so we may contact you about this issue
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