Extended Reality @ Berkeley Member Application
Spring 2024 Member Application

DEADLINE: Friday, January 26th, 2024 at 11:59PM PDT.

Thanks for your interest in Extended Reality @ Berkeley! For your information, descriptions on each project team this semester can be found on our website: https://xr.berkeley.edu/

Check https://xr.berkeley.edu/ or our Discord for infosession times for the XR DeCal and XR@B.

You do not need to fill out this form if you are a returning member from a project team, and your project team has renewed your membership - unless you would like to join another project team. Contact your team lead/co-leads for details.

If you are a returning general member, please fill out this form to confirm your membership for this semester! 
(General member refers to a member of XR@B, but not part of a project team.)

If you are on an existing project team but you are unsure if your team is continuing this semester, but you want to continue, please reach out to one of the exec members or email contact@xr.berkeley.edu.

Extended Reality @ Berkeley is committed to being inclusive. All application forms are anonymized before being read, and decisions are made without discriminating on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, religious beliefs, and/or political views. While we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to your first choice team, we will try our best to match you with a suitable team. We also welcome everyone to check out our Extended Reality Development DeCal, which is a great way to get started with XR development.

If you do not get into a project team you wanted, don’t worry - you will automatically be accepted as a general member upon filling out this application! General members will be able to pitch their ideas and team up with other members to form project groups - and can become a project team next semester! These project groups will be mentored by a senior member in XR@B. We will also be holding onboarding workshops to teach new members who are unfamiliar with Unity and VR dev.

Commitment Expectation - Joining a club is time consuming, please expect to dedicate a decent amount of hours to your project and other club events.

If you have no development experience in AR/VR, we highly recommend you to take the XR DeCal!

We also have non-technical/developmental roles in the outreach team if you are interested in event planning, industry outreach, design, marketing, branding, etc.

If you are looking to propose your own project idea/team to XR@B, please fill out the core team application: https://forms.gle/hdVNTgbbh8hvYCL4AProjects submitted to the core team application form will be approved on a rolling basis, and will be added to the website and this member application form as they are approved - so please submit early!

Applicants will be able to change their project team choices after submission, if they see a project they would rather like to join instead of their currently selected one.

If you have any questions, please reach out to an exec member via Discord or email contact@xr.berkeley.edu.
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