Alpha Course 2023 Helpers and Inviters Registration 
Tuesday Alpha Course@The Bible Church 2023 July 11-September 9

At its heart The Alpha Course is about creating a space for our community, our friends, neighbours and co-workers to come and have conversations about life, faith and God in a way that is authentic and safe.  Where leaders don’t have all the answers and anyone can share honestly about what they believe without the fear of being corrected or judged.  
The Alpha course is about allowing everyone to have conversations about faith and life in a safe and comfortable place and being able to learn together and allowing each person to share their views and ask questions about faith and God.
Alpha creates a non-threatening place where our friends can hear the message of Jesus in a compelling way and explore the answers through discussion.  Many who have come through the Alpha Course  have a relationship with Jesus because they had the opportunity to explore faith in a safe and loving community.

Thank you wanting to be a part of the Alpha ministry.  There are many areas where you may use you gifts to serve in: Publicity, Prayer, Logistics, Reception and Welcome,  Large Group Segment, Small Group Segment and Inviter.  You may indicate your area(s) of interest and provide an indication of the estimated number number of sessions you might be available to serve for.

Onsite Alpha Program:
7pm      Dinner@Church fellowship hall
7:45pm Large Group@Chapel and CM@Fishtank
8:15pm Video
8:45pm. Small Group Discussion@ breakout rooms (around 12 pax per room)
9:15pm Supper@Well 
9:30pm Goodnight

English Online Alpha program
7:40pm Zoom opens - Live stream of Large Group session and 
8:15pm Alpha Video and Small Group Discussion
9:30 pm Goodnight

Tuesday Alpha Course 11 July-9 Sept
11 July Alpha Intro: Is There More to Life Than This?
18 July Who Is Jesus?
25 July Why Did Jesus Die?
1 Aug How Can I Have Faith?
8 Aug Why and How Do I Pray?
15 Aug Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
22 Aug How Does God Guide Us?
26 Aug Sat Alpha Day Away (9am - 5pm)@NUSS
Who is the Holy Spirit?
What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?
29 Aug How Can We Resist Evil?
5 Sep How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
9 Sep Sat Alpha Celebration 6pm-9pm@Fellowship Hall and Chapel (Bilingual)
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