Breakout Session Proposal: 2020 Philanthropy Partners Conference

The Maine Philanthropy Center is seeking proposals from individuals who would like to serve as breakout session facilitators and presenters at its 2020 Philanthropy Partners Conference, which will take place on May 19 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. Interested in learning more? Read on.
February 7: Proposal due date
March 13: Deadline for learning whether you have been selected as a breakout session presenter.
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About This Event
The Maine Philanthropy Center's popular biennial Philanthropy Partners Conference provides an important and rare opportunity for hundreds of funders and nonprofits working across Maine to speak frankly about common issues and current challenges. Through stories, experiences, discussion sessions, and relationship-building activities, attendees share successes, learn about new trends and tools, and build connections that can enrich their work.
About the 2020 Philanthropy Partners Conference
The theme of the 2020 Philanthropy Partners Conference is “Transformational Change: Shifting Power Through Relationships and Action.” The planning committee is building a conference that will provide insight into how nonprofits and funders can:
• build better relationships
• engage in advocacy together
• collaboratively bring about systems change
• promote DEI in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors
• make true commitments to actions that promote transformation and power-shifting
About the Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions for the 2020 PPC will offer participants opportunities to explore the day’s themes in small groups. As stated above, the day’s theme is "Transformational Change: Shifting Power Through Relationships and Action."

Using a case study approach, each breakout session will highlight the stories of up to three organizations or partnerships that are promoting change by shifting power, building relationships, and/or taking action. After listening to these stories, session participants will explore the following questions:
• How might what I have just heard apply in my own context and setting?
• What successes and challenges am I – and my organization – facing in efforts to enact change, build relationships, and take action?
• What commitments to action can my organization and I make in efforts to promote positive change?
The 2020 PPC is designed to equip and prepare participants to build relationships and take actions that shift power and thereby promote transformational change. We recognize that change can occur at the levels of the individual, the organization, and/or the collective – and that change is not uniform. It looks different across diverse contexts. For example, “promoting change” might involve developing a strategic plan in one organization, but shifting some aspect of organizational culture in another organization. At the level of the individual, change might be reflected:
• in the way a person acts
• in the way a person thinks about morals and ethics
• in the way a person considers ideas and cognitive frameworks
• in the way a person experiences, processes, and communicates emotions
RFP Process
Does your organization have a story about building relationships and taking actions that is causing or has caused shifts in power and ultimately promoted transformation and change?

If so, the Philanthropy Partners Conference planning committee would like to hear from you!

Please fill out the following proposal form and tell us a bit about the changes that have occurred – and how they came about.

• Applications are due by February 7.
Pitch a story of change and transformation that will can be told in 7-10 minutes and will promote conversation among small-group participants. (For more information, see “About the Breakout Sessions,” above). We are looking for stories and lessons that hold relevance for organizations other your own. If your story is very narrow, with lessons and insight that cannot be applied outside of your specific organization, it is unlikely to be chosen as a breakout session narrative.

• You will learn whether your story has been selected by March 13.

Expectations for Breakout Session Presenters
If you are chosen to present your story at the 2020 Philanthropy Partners Conference, we will expect you to attend at least one (and perhaps two) presenter preparation sessions before the Philanthropy Partners Conference. Please do not apply to be a breakout session presenter if you do not have the capacity to participate in these meetings.
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