2021 Yoga Source Work/Study Application
We are committed to impacting more lives through yoga and mindfulness and with your help, we can make the biggest positive impact possible in 2021.We are seeking additional volunteers to join our work/study team with the intention of being of service to others. All volunteers must demonstrate reliability, accountability and a positive, respectful attitude. Each volunteer, work/trade shift is around 3-4 hrs per week and requires a 6-month commitment in exchange for weekly classes. You should have some flexibility in your schedule to back-up team members once per week, when necessary.

Front desk reception & student advising, marketing, and cleaning positions are available weekdays/weekends. All positions will include two weeks of hands-on training and attendance in one class per week to become familiar with our studio and class offerings.

To be eligible for the Work/Study program, you must:
• Be accountable, dependable and punctual
• Have previous customer service and sales experience (for receptionist position)
• Have exceptional communication skills (in person & by phone)
• Be self-motivated, able to multitask and work independently
• Be able to enforce all COVID-19 protocols and studio policies while maintaining a friendly and helpful attitude
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