5th edition of Zen Coaching Training in Poland 2017-2018
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We warmly invite you to the 5th edition of Zen Coaching Training in Poland.
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5th Zen Coaching Training Regulations
I. General information

1. The Training takes place in Warsaw or its outskirts (with a convenient public transport)

2. The Training consists of 4 modules. You can participate in the first Module without declaring to participate in the full training. Dif you wish to continue, that means declaring full atendance in all the modules.

3. In case of not having enough participants for module 1, it will be postponed with a notice to all potential participants..

4. The Training is in English with translation into Polish.

5. Dates of each module:
module I : The Zen Way of Coaching: 15 -19 November 2017 (Kåre Landfald) or 31 Jan - 04 Fbruary 2018 (Kavina Thorslund and Roger Marklund)
module II: . Deep Healing and Transformation: 07-11 March 2018 (Kåre Landfald)
module III: . RELATing from the Heart: 30 May - 03June 2018 (Kavina Thorslund and Roger Marklund)
module IV: Acting from Being: 29 Aug- 02 September 2018 (Kåre Landfald)

6. The price of one module is 2200 PLN. The Training, teaching materials, beverages and snacks during coffee breaks are included. Lunch is not included..

7. The participant taking part in the whole training and meeting all the practical requirements can (but is not required) receive the Certificate. Meeting the requirements involves buying about 5 books and receiving at least 15 hours of individul coaching. The certificate can be obtained even if one meets the requirements after the training ends.

II. Rules of attendance

1. The Training is for adults. Under-age participants need to have a written parental consent.

2. The participants are fully responsible for their health, both physical and psychic during the training and between the modules.

3. People who are undergoing psychiatric treatment, deep emotional crisis or depression should consult their doctor or therapist before signing up for the training., especially if they are not sure how the training might influence their condition.

4. The organiser is not to be held responsible for any negative consequences that might arise from not following these guidelines.

5. To participate it is necessary:
 to register by sending an e-mail to : ZenCoachingPolska@gmail.pl,
 to fill in the entry form and send it to : ZenCoachingPolska@gmail.com ,
 to pay booking fee.

6. In the case of modules 1 and 2 it is required to pay the whole amount or at least the booking fee 500 PLN within 10 days from the registration confirmation.

7. To become a participant you need to pay the booking fee of 500 PLN, registration only doesn't guarantee participation.

8. Payment for a given module has to be made not later than 21 days before the starting date.

9. The number of participants is limited and it is the booking fee payment that counts, not the time of registration.

10. Taking part in Module 1 is open, but taking part in Module 2 means that you declare to take part in the whole training - 4 modules.

11. Declaring to take part in the whole training means paying booking fees for further modules. It means that module 2 payment is 2800 PLN, 2200 of which is for this module, and 300 PLN booking fees for modules 3 and 4 each (600 PLN).

12. The organiser retains the right to make changes in the schedule or postpone the modules in case of circumstances beyond control (such as illness or other similar cases).


1. Price per module is 2200 PLN

2. Booking fee of 500 PLN required

3. On the bank transfer please provide the following information: participant's name and last name and Zen Coaching Training Module ….

4. The payments covers training materials, snacks, beverages. Lunch not included.
5. Extra costs during the training if you decide to certify: 5-6 books and at leat 15 hours of coaching from a certified Zen Coach. The price depends on which coach you'll choose.

6. Discounts do not sum up. Discounts are only for module 1.

7. Payments need to made to the Organiser's account.


Option 1) Resignation up to 21 days before the training – refund minus bank fee and 300 PLN due to costs of resignation.
Option 2) Resignation between 21-7 days before the training– 50% refund minus bank fee.
Opcja nr 3) Resignation 7 days before the training – no refund.
All these rules apply also to people who register and pay for the whole training.


1. The Participants are asked to arrive min 15 min before the start.

2. People who are late are kindly requested to wait for the break to enter.

3. During the training days there are 2 coffee breaks and one lunch break.

4. To secure your comfort we advise you to wear comfortable,casual clothes. Due to the intensity of the training we also suggest dedicating this time to the training only.

5. During the training we kindly ask you to mute your mobiles.


1. Participants are required to behave in the way which doesn't jeopardise safety or health of others.
2. In case of emergency the participants are rquired to obey commands of people in charge.
3. It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol or drugs.
4. The Organiser can deny the right to participate if someone is under inluence of alcohol or drugs. In such case there's no refund.
The contract is sent via e-mail to everyone who applies for registration. Sending back the entry form and paying the booking fee means that the contract has been acceptrd and doesn't require a signature.
The Organiser:
“Kåre Landfald Coaching”
Kjøiaveien 69,
1386 Asker. Norway
Organisation number 979610653
Contact us!
E-mail: ZenCoachingPolska@gmail.com
Marta Obrycka: 606 586 034
Marta Zielińska: 601858 441
The Team of Zen Coaches supporting Zen Coaching in Poland
See you soon! Warm greetings from Marta Zielińska, Kåre Landfald i Marta Obrycka
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