OSM - Closed beta-tests
Register now for the closed beta of Old School Musical. It is open to everyone over 13 years. If you register, you acknowledge and agree this few rules:

- Report on the forum any bug you could find, with some screenshots if it's possible.
- Send us feedback and ideas about the game.
- Answering questions about quality of the game we will send.
- Please do not publish video or screenshot highlighting some bugs (even if they are funny). You are allowed to stream the game if you specify that this is still a beta and it is possible to see some bugs.
- Do not send your beta code to anyone. If a friend wants to try the game, he has to register too.
- Accept the fact that the game is still in a development phase, so this is not representative of the final product.

You will receive an email with your access to the private forum where you will retrieve your steam's key and interact with the team and other beta testers.

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