Seacoast Harvest 2020-2021
It's time again to enter your updated information to be listed in print and online for Seacoast Harvest. To be listed, YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT BY January 31st, 2020. This is the only way to get your farm listed in Seacoast Harvest. Even if you have filled out this form in the past and your farm information has not changed, we require each farm to fill out this form completely each year in order to be listed. There are no exceptions.

If your farm business has changed in the last year so that you are no longer growing food, you are no longer eligible for a free listing. Please consider becoming a sponsor. Please send inquiries to

If you have a digital photo that you would like used for your online listing, please email it to

Thanks, and please let us know if you have questions!
Shelly Smith, Program Coordinator
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Please note that if your farm is not located in one of the three Counties below, you are not eligible to list in Seacoast Harvest. This is true even if you participate in farmers' markets within our service region.
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This is for our online version only. A description of your farm can show how your farm is unique. You may want to mention how long you've been farming, if the farm has been in your family, or physical characteristics about your farm ("alongside Such-and-such River"). We may edit for clarity and length. If you have a digital photo that you would like used for your online listing, please email it to
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Conservation Land
Please list any conserving agency that protects your farmland.
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How many acres do you have in conservation?
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Is farming your:
Do you or your spouse/partner hold employment off-farm, specifically as a means of supporting your farm business to make it sustainable or viable?
Is 50% or more of your farm business woman-owned?
How many employees (including yourself) does your farm business support?
Is your answer an increase or decrease from the previous year?
If you increased the number of employees, was it due to:
If you decreased the number of employees, was it due to:
Do you have plans to expand your farm business in the coming year?
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Are you looking for farmland? If so, please describe:
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