The Carter’s Compost Promise
The Carter’s Compost Promise is a grass-roots initiative designed to create awareness about the awesomeness of small-scale/backyard/neighborhood composting.

Composting is easy. Really. It’s also, in our opinion, the most environmentally friendly form of recycling there is. We hope that by taking the Promise you’ll give it a try or get back in the groove if its been awhile.

In celebration of Compost Awareness Week, promisees will be in the running for some fabulous prizes:

- A Carter’s Compost Tshirt
- A Traverse City Dirt Tshirt
- A rad C’sC decal
- A BioBag MaxAir counter-top compost pail
- A ready to go worm bin with 1000 red wigglers
- 1 month of free bike-powered kitchen scrap pick-ups
- A bucket of 100% awesome neighborhood compost

Here’s How It Works:

1. Raise your right hand and repeat these words:

“I promise to be awesome and to try my best to compost my kitchen scraps. I will harness the power of the pile to reduce my waste, grow great garden soil and make [insert your town] greener than ever. I will be a Compost Champion and inspire my neighbors to be one, too. Yay, Compost!

2. Post this blurb with #CompostChampion:

“I just took The Carter’s Compost Promise. I’ve committed to being a Compost Champion and will now be composting my kitchen scraps like a rock star.”

3. Be a Compost Champion by recycling your household kitchen scraps. You don’t have to be 100% awesome. Just try your best.

4. Share your victories/successes/problems/failures/discoveries on our FB page:

5. Give yourself a High Five for being awesome and helping to Green our planet.

Not sure how to compost your kitchen scraps? The EPA’s website is a good place to start:

If you live in Traverse City, you can sign up for weekly bike-powered pick-ups here:
or be awesome and share your pile with a neighbor here:

Let’s Compost On! together, OK?
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