Musician’s Intensive Summer Camp of Miami
Evolutionary Arts & Entertainment and Evolutionary Arts Life Foundation will be hosting the 2nd annual Musician’s Intensive Summer Camp of Miami, June 18-July 28th on the campus of Dr. Michael M. Krop High music building (room 3-122). The music camp will provide musical enrichment for youth in elementary, middle and high school grades 3 - 11 who desire to receive introductory, intermediate or next level training. In addition, it is important for the camper to have a fun filled summer.

Activities will include drum-line, marching band music, concert band, jazz band, string class, master classes and recreational field trips. It’s unique offerings make it the only camp of its kind in South Florida. A culminating performance will be held on the closing day of the camp July 28th. The cost of the camp is $75 per week with a one-time registration fee. Early-bird registration is $40 until June 16, regular registration is $60 beginning June 17. There will be a limited number of partial scholarships available; see details online under "scholarship application". FREE BREAKFAST AND HOT LUNCH ARE INCLUDED DAILY!!!

Parent Orientation Meeting (and On-Site Registration)
Saturday – June 16, 11:00 am
Dr. Michael M. Krop Sr. High School (room 3-122)
1410 County Line Rd. Miami, FL 33179

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Mission Statement of Purpose
The 2nd annual Musician’s Intensive Summer Camp of Miami is dedicated to improving elementary/middle/high school student’s level of musicianship through rigorous training. It is with confidence we believe students will learn concepts they can take back to their respective area schools and therefore enhance the quality of their music programs.

The camp will be driven by experienced high school, college faculty as well as private school teachers who have garnered many years of successful teaching in music education. The camp is designed to develop student musicianship, dedication, creativity, life-long friendships, teamwork, and simply having fun. We encourage the community, students, parents, friends and patrons of music to support this worthy camp.

Student Outcomes

- Concepts and techniques students can infuse into their area schools
- Performance fundamentals, i.e., tone, intonation, phrasing, articulation, dynamics, sight-reading etc.
- Master classes clinic sessions
- Learn to audition for high school magnet programs, all-state ensembles and college scholarships.

Community Outcomes

- Community Outreach
- Advocacy – provide supplementary communication between students, parents, school teachers.
- Culminating Community Performance

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*Students must purchase their own accessories (to include but not limited to): mouthpiece, ligature, reeds, strap, sticks, mallets, strings, chin rest etc.

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