Benevolence Procedures & Guidelines
The focus of Redeemed By Grace Ministries Benevolence Ministry is to assist, provide, or render aide to those in need. Is some cases, not all, these resources are limited to Redeemed By Grace membership only. Consideration will only be given to those who have experienced or are experiencing a severe interruption, unexpected or not, to their normal cash flow. Assistance is granted by a committee, under the direction of the Pastor, and is based on the following:

Food Request:
Assistance with food will be given by gift cards. The amount given will be based on:
a. Amount of available funds
b. Frequency of food assistance requests. Food requests are limited to two (2) requests within a twelve (12) month period

Financial Request:
a. Membership tenure of at least six (6) months
b. Funds availability
c. Applicant, if member, must be a tither. Visitor, must be a regular giver for the past three (3) months on RBGMs records
d. If husband and wife are members, husband must initiate the request
e. Amount granted may not exceed $250.00
f. Ability to provide or verify the legitimacy of the requested assistance. (i.e. printed bill, letter of eviction, prescription etc.)
g. All assistance is made by check or online credit card payment only. In case of bill checks are made out to the vendor only, and subject to vendor acceptance.
h. If bill is in considerable deficient status, Benevolence Ministry will contact the vendor to ensure that the proposed payment will result in sustained or reconnected service, or housing.

After you submit your application:
a. Membership will be verified and contributions substantiated
b. Your applicant request will be reviewed by the Benevolence Ministry. In some cases, the Benevolence committee may steer you to other entities or organizations that can offer assistance and may be willing to assist you. Assistance may be through the ministry of RBGM or other organizations or a combination of the two (2). Unwillingness to pursue assistance from partnering entities may count as grounds for denial of request.

If Denied:
The applicant will be contacted, and given an explanation based on the previously stated criteria as to why the request was denied. YOU CAN appeal your denial to the Leadership Counsel, by submitting an appeal application. Select the Benevolence Appeal Application on the Membership Services axis page. Turn your appeal letter in to the office or place in an offering receptacle during worship service. You will be notified within 24-48 hours with an appointment time to make your case to the Leadership Counsel. The Leadership Counsel’s decision is final. You will be notified and given an explanation of the counsel’s decision.

If Approved:
The applicant will be contacted, and coordinate a time to receive the approved assistance. Must agree to attending six (6) consecutive Life lessons classes and work with a counsellor on creating and using a budget and stewardship.

We will not give assistance for the following (No exceptions):
a. Pay day loans/Title loans
b. Gamble debts
c. NSF checks
d. Bail/Bonds
e. Abortions
f. Cell Phone bill

*Note: if you need assistance for one of the aforementioned reasons, you would benefit greatly from the Life Lessons classes.

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