East Dallas Kitty Club - Adoption Application
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If unemployed, please explain how you will fund the costs of keeping the animal healthy. This includes food, vetting, boarding, and any other expenses that may be necessary.
Type of residence *
Do you rent or own your residence? *
Are you in the process of moving, or will you move in the next few months? *
In the event that you have to move, from your current residence, have you considered a place that may not allow animals? *
If yes, what will you do with your kitty?
If you are planning to move, what will happen to your pets?
Are you 21 or older? *
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Do you have an established relationship with a veterinarian? *
If yes, please provide their information.
If no, do you need recommendations for veterinarians in your area?
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What experience do you have with kitties? *
I am interested in having my kitty declawed. *
Why are you wanting to adopt a kitty? *
What kind of characteristics are important in a kitty for your home? *
Have you ever had a kitty in your household diagnosed with illness? *
If yes, what did you do for treatment for that kitty? How is that kitty doing now?
Have you ever surrendered an animal to the animal shelter, animal welfare group (rescue), or given away/sold to a friend or family member? *
If yes, please explain the situation.
What are some reasons why you might return this kitty to East Dallas Kitty Club? (Ex: having a baby, divorce, litter box issues, moving, cannot afford, behavioral problems, special needs, destruction of property, etc.) *
Please list all members of the people residing in your home. Please include their ages and their relationship to you. (This includes, but is not limited to spouse, child(ren), partner, grandparents, grandchildren, roommates, etc.) *
How would you describe your household? *
Have all members of your household approved of the adoption of this kitty/kitties? *
Does anyone listed above have pet related allergies? *
If yes, have they consulted with a doctor about getting a kitty? Are they willing to take medication for allergic reactions?
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Please list any and all pets you have had or currently have. Make sure to list their ages and type of pet. *
Are all of your current pets up to date on vaccinations?
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Are all of your current pets spayed/neutered?
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If you currently have a pet, has it been around other cats? If so, please explain how they act around cats?
Please understand that it could take at up to TWO WEEKS OR MORE for a new kitty to adjust to a new home and/ or other pets. Where will your new kitty/kitties be kept? (Check ALL that apply) *
In lieu of a physical signature, please type your name for signature that you certify that you have read the entirety of this questionnaire and verify that all information provided is true and accurate. You also understand that any falsification may result in nullification of this adoption ENTIRELY. *
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