Digital Naturalism Conference Application (application closes Feb 1)
August 4-31, 2019
Gamboa, Panama
Deadline to apply: Feb 1, 2019
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This application is to learn about what you want to do with us! We will use this information to help plan a fun diverse conference. Keep your answers SHORT and DIRECT! In 5 sentences (max) describe in basic terms the project you will work on at the conference. Examples include writing an article, building a device, creating art project, documenting research, conducting a biological survey, or leading a performance. It can be big or small, but it needs to be something you can finish enough to document and get constructive feedback from others.
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(Right now these costs are APPROXIMATE - we are still working out final figures and details)

-Registration - $20-$75 USD per day (A sliding scale will help fund people who might not be able to join us otherwise)

-Food Fee (mandatory for all participants - includes 3 meals per day) - $20 USD per day

-Indoor Housing - $28 USD per day
-Camping Slots (limited slots) - $4 per day
-There is also the Gamboa Rainforest Resort Hotel nearby which charges ~$130 USD per night

Costs: I understand that the conference might cost me some money to help run. *
Unfortunately this year we could not make the registration free, but we have worked to keep the costs for participants extremely low! These costs are well below a typical academic conference, and even cheaper than just most hotel stays. The money from these mostly goes to covering our expenses, and any extra go towards helping out participants, and expanding the activities of the conference.
Self: I understand that I will be solely responsible for everything keeping me happy and healthy including: my own safety, equipment, food, visas, permits (if collecting anything) and transport to this event. *
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