2020 Special Olympics Michigan Volleyball Team Evaluation Questionnaire
In order to make team registration easier at the event, we ask that you fill out ONE of these forms PER TEAM. Please note that we ask for the number of coaches and chaperones so they can receive the appropriate ribbon identification. This form should be completed and turned in with your registration materials. Thank you for your assistance.
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What three (3) teams are you scheduled to play to send in as games scores to the SOMI state office?
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If yes, when?
List two (2) teams, within the state, that you feel are equal to these teams?
It is a state requirement that you turn in the results of three game scores by MAY 11th if you are attending the State Competition. These games should be with other Special Olympics teams. If you have problems answering the above questions, please call the state office for further information. Please check if you acknowledge this requirement. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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