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Hello and thanks for helping Rishi get into Summit with your votes! You have the option to earn redeem voting incentives based on the number of votes you're using. These include analysis, matches with Rishi, and more. Of course any amount of votes is appreciated!

Incentives can be found here:

Make sure you join so you get memos on when to use your votes!!

Earn and spend votes here:

For high rollers -
If you plan on spending a significant number of votes on Rishi, please contact us directly. After submitting this form you can message Rishi on Discord (SmashG0D#8075 or
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We recommend waiting to use your votes until the last few minutes before voting deadlines, *especially* before deadlines where players qualify. Here are the deadlines:

5pm EST - Wednesday, 10/17: 4 players eliminated
5pm EST - Thursday, 10/18: 4 players eliminated
5pm EST - Saturday, 10/20: 1 player qualifies, 2 players eliminated
5pm EST - Monday, 10/22: 2 players qualify, 2 players eliminated
5pm EST - Wednesday, 10/24: 2 players qualify, 2 players eliminated

If you have any questions, please join us at and vote with your friends!!

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If you plan on redeeming an incentive, please message Rishi on Discord with proof of votage! ( | SmashG0D#8075)
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If you use your votes early or end up with more votes than you thought, you can edit your response to this form after submitting. Use the following short answer to make note of any changes.
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