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What would you like your song to be about?
Tell us the story that you would like your songwriter to re-tell through music. Some examples of what your story might be about: a dream or goal that you have, a person who is special to you and why, a memory of a good experience, a memory of a sad or difficult experience, a time when you experienced strong emotions. Be creative! You can write prose or poetry, but please provide as much detail as possible to help your songwriter tell your story.
Do you want to share other media related to your story?
We welcome both written stories and stories told through other media. If you would like to send us a link to a video or image (a youtube video of you telling your story, a picture that is meaningful to you, etc) please paste the link below.
What is the main message you want listeners to take from your song?
It will help your songwriter if you can sum up the message (or messages) of your story that you want the song to highlight.
Are there specific words or phrases that you would like us to include in your song?
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The more your songwriter knows about you, the easier it will be to express your experiences in song.
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Who are some of your favorite artists?
What are some of your favorite songs?
What else would you like us to know about you?
Here you can tell us about anything else that is an important part of who you are! For example, what do you do for work? For fun? What are you most passionate about? What makes you happiest? Saddest?
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