Feedback Form Dec 2021
Thank you so much for coming to our sharing of BURNOUT! We really appreciate your support and engagement with ShyBairn's work.

Below are a set of questions relating to the content and form of the show (at present) and we'd love to hear your thoughts/feelings/ideas. Please add as much detail as you can!

We look forward to developing the show further and hopefully being together in a theatre space again soon!

Big thanks,
Caitlin & Becky x
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1) How did the audience interaction and participation make you feel? Did you feel able to take part? If not, what would make this more effective and accessible? *
2) From watching the sharing, do you have a clear understanding of what climate justice is? *
If you answered YES to the first question, can you describe what you believe climate justice is?
If you answered NO to the first question, can you share how you think we can make this clearer?
3) Did you think the differences between 'Actors 1 & 2' and 'Amara and Bridgette' were clearly signposted? Did you think these two performance modes were effective? *
4) Who do you think BURNOUT has been made for? *
If you have another audience group you think the show would be suitable for, please list below:
5) What elements of the show were particularly engaging? E.g. sound design, acting, audience participation etc. *
6) What elements of the show didn't work for you or you think can be developed further? *
7) Any other thoughts/ideas/feedback... *
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