2017-2018 SEL Student Climate Survey
Anderson High School
What grade are you in? *
Where did you go to middle school? *
Gender Identity (select all that apply)
I feel that I know some mindfulness/management techniques to deal with emotions (i.e., breathing exercises, visualization, stretches, etc.). *
No, I have no clue what those things are.
I know many stress management techniques and use them often.
Are you aware of the resources available for emotional needs of students at Anderson? *
In the last 365 days, I have reached out to school personnel for PERSONAL issues (counselor, therapist, resource officer, etc.) *
My teachers respect and value diversity in their classroom. *
My teachers respect and include diversity in their lessons/content (when possible). *
I feel that my classwork at Anderson helps me think about others in a way I didn't before (i.e., perspective, cultural understanding, working with new people, teamwork skills, etc.). *
Very often
My teachers make me feel confident that I can succeed if I put in effort. *
Almost always
I feel confident and comfortable when working in groups with students I may not know well. *
Not at all
How positive is the environment at Anderson? *
I understand the purpose of the things we do in class and find value in the steps we take to complete a project/lesson (educational, social, cultural, communicative, etc.). *
I am often able to balance my own voice in group settings while considering and valuing the ideas of others (speaking aloud, working in group, writing, projects, creativity, etc.). *
Have you ever been the victim of bullying?
Have you ever been the victim of cyberbullying? *
Do you feel Anderson is doing enough to respond to bullying? *
Think about your classmates. What are the top three issues that Anderson students need help addressing? (only choose up to three) *
Emotional Intelligence
I think about and am aware of my feelings and emotions. *
I feel comfortable sharing my emotions at school. *
I feel comfortable sharing my emotions at home. *
I consider the feelings and emotions of others. *
I help create a safe and welcoming environment. *
I am able to manage my feelings so they do not interfere with my work or communications. *
I can easily pinpoint the specific emotion I am experiencing and give it a name. *
I use body language cues (expressions, body positioning, etc.) to determine what others are feeling. *
I am aware of my emotional "triggers" that cause me to react. *
I am aware that my emotions can affect my behaviors (i.e., if I'm upset, I yell). *
I feel comfortable talking to people who are different from me. *
When I am stressed, these parts of my life suffer (check all that apply): *
With whom do you share your feelings or problems when things aren't so great? (check all that apply) *
How confident are you in your ability to regulate your own emotions? *
Not at all
I am in full control
What ways do you practice mindfulness? (check all that apply) *
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