Report Hacking Program, Get Cash Rewards
●Reported hacking program must be valid, cheating methods must be tested;
●For the same hacking program and cheating method, the first to report will get the reward;
●The steps for reproducing the cheating must be exact and in detail;
●Crisis Action Official will verify the report and confirm the eligibility of rewards;
●The rewards will be sent by the end of 2017 first quarter;
●The rewards will be sent via cash transition, Google Play Promo Codes or other acceptable ways;
●The final explanation rights belong to HERO Game;
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1. Where do you come from? *
2. Hacking program name *
3. Where did you find it? (Prefer download address) *
4. What can this hacking tool do?(Describe in detail) *
5. The exact steps to reproduce the hacking procedure *
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