Outlaw Drums Endorsement Application
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in a possible endorsement agreement with Outlaw Drums!
Before you begin the application, we thought it would be a good idea to explain how we select artists for our family.
What does it mean to have an endorsement from Outlaw Drums?
Outlaw Drums is a small company. An endorsement invites you to join a small group of people working closely together, and also having tons of fun!. We look to work with artists that we can enjoy building mutually beneficial career opportunities with! We do not mass produce our drums. So, with the amount of time, money, and personal labor involved in every drum...we must be very selective about whom we work with, and what discounts we can offer.

From a business perspective, Outlaw Drums acknowledges an endorsement because an artist is able to influence a lot of consumers and increase sales. In turn, the artist’s fans will be influenced to buy and play the same products the artist chooses to play.

Below are some of the considerations for obtaining an Outlaw Drums endorsement:
 Strong social media following/network
 Participation on albums / collaboration with artists on recordings
 Television, studio, movie and video credits
 Participation in high visibility tours
 Other Endorsements (such as sticks/mallets, cymbals, heads, etc)
 Teaching credentials from major university or education systems
 Major influence on percussionists and drummers in a specific genre of music

Endorsement Levels:

Level 1 Endorsement:
This is for those who are established with some recorded material, but they are still mostly playing regional venues (in and around the home State).

Level 2 Endorsement:
This is for those performing on Regional/US/Worldwide tours at smaller to medium sized venues as an opener or doing smaller headline tours, probably not far from their hometown.

Level 3 Endorsement:
This is for those performing on US/Worldwide tours at smaller to medium sized venues as a headliner.

Level 4 Endorsement:
This is for those performing on US/Worldwide tours at smaller, medium, and large sized venues as a headliner. The band should be signed and the drummer should have other endorsements.

Level 5 Endorsement:
The band is signed, possibly charting and on a world or large US tour, playing in the biggest arenas.
The drummer either had radio/TV rotation or his/her band gets national airplay. The band has a very strong following and the drummer has an independent following outside of the band. This artist will be able to provide an avenue where our products will be viewed directly by our target audience.

Now that you have a better idea of how we see things regarding endorsements, you can better determine whether you fit into this description. If now is not the time - please consider waiting to apply when the time is right. Until then, we would love to see that you are playing Outlaw Drums independent of an endorsement agreement, growing your influence, and continue to play our drums for all the reasons you are seeking an endorsement.

If you feel you meet the criteria of what we are looking for, please continue to the application questionnaire below. It is not a contract and serves only to begin a potential relationship with Outlaw Drums. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications and email packages will not be accepted.
Please include a press kit that contains a biography, photo, articles from major publications, a recording and/or video that best represents your playing and/or teaching.

Thanks for spending the time to read this letter and complete the application.

Look forward to hearing from you,
Outlaw Drums
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Current group / musical affiliation. And, how long have you been affiliated?
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For Recording Artists: Please list 3 recordings you have performed on that best represent your playing. List title, artist, and year released. Please attach links to “other media” section below
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For Instructors and Clinicians: Clinic History: Please list the three most recent clinics or master classes you presented. Specify date, location, audience size, audience type, and topics covered
Do you currently have any other official endorsements (I.e. cymbals, sticks, heads, etc...)? If so, please list them below.
Are you currently seeking endorsement with any other companies? If so, who?
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