Application for joining the IT-Association of Vinnytsia
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If you are interested in the benefits of membership and would like to know more, please write to us at or call: +380 68 510 6515
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Legal information
Official name: IT-Assotiation of Vinnytsia / Офіційна назва: "АСОЦІАЦІЯ ІТ КОМПАНІЙ ВІННИЦІ”

EDRPOU code: 42517210
Date of foudation: 03.10.2018
Legal documents: 
- DELPHI Software
- Astound Commerce
- Letyshops
- Exadel
- Ciklum
- Infopulse
- Existek
- Ajax Systems
- Dresslab
- Eliftech
- Memcrab
- Dedey Digital
- Sigma Software
- Softserve
-Lampa Software
- Winstars Technology
Requirements for candidates for admission
- an official office in Vinnytsia;
- the company must officially provide services and be public: the presence of a website and a legal entity in Ukraine;
- number of employees, including EP-performers, should not be less than 50 people in Vinnytsia or more than 100 people in Ukraine as a whole;
- member companies of the Association make decisions on joining.
Membership fees
- $100 one-time entrance fee;
- $1 per month for each employee and private individual of the Vinnytsia office, but not less than $100
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🙌🏻 Number of employees and private entrepreneurs performing in Vinnytsia region:
🙌🏻 Location of Head Office
* region where most of the company's top management is actually located
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🙌🏻Legal name of the company *
* according to the information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations:
🙌🏻EDRPOU code *
*identifier of legal entity
🙌🏻Mailing address *
* for official correspondence and information exchange
👨🏻‍💻CEO or Head of Vinnytsia/Ukraine offices *
* person who has the right to sign and make strategic decisions: Full Name, Position, E-mail, Phone
👨🏻‍💻Contact Person *
* person who will take part in all events and initiatives of the Association: Full Name, Position, E-mail, Phone
👨🏻‍💻Operation Management *
* person responsible for paying bills and exchanging financial documents: Full Name, Position, E-mail, Phone
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