V&S Galvanizing Customer Survey
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1) Which V&S Galvanizing plant are you evaluating today? *
2) How would you compare V&S Galvanizing's “turn-around times”? *
3) At some V&S locations, we offer our COLORZINQ® of paint over HDG (hot dip galvanizing) on some limited projects. Would it be of interest or advantage for you if we offered this at your local V&S plant as a full-time service added to our steel protection coatings abilities? *
4) All V&S locations offer trucking (pick-up and delivery) for our In-State and local customers. There has always been an extra (but reasonable) charge for this service. Pick the best reason that suits your company, as it applies to our trucking services: *
5) Pricing and cost of doing business is always a hot topic when selecting a vendor. Sometimes within pennies we either secure or lose a project. For this reason one of the things we have never looked into is accepting Major Credit Cards. The associated cost and accounting has kept us from considering this. Some of our locations report they have customers who would rather V&S do this. The fees associated with accepting credit cards would cause us to quote higher prices. Taking all of that into consideration, how do you feel about your V&S location(s) accepting Major Credit Cards? *
6) When pricing a job, sometimes we get asked to project a price that could be anywhere from 6 to 18 months into the future. Our pricing strategy has always been to project a Quoted Price that would be “more than enough” to protect us in this volatile zinc market we have experienced. Our competition in some cases does this differently. Would you, our customer, rather us: *
7) Another pricing practice that is commonplace in the industry is “surcharges.” Some call it a Zinc surcharge. Some use an Environmental surcharge, a Fuel surcharges, etc. V&S and all Galvanizers have the basic same costs of doing business. At V&S we have always quoted a price that is all-inclusive (no add-ons). We have found there are areas of the Country where this has caused our quoted price to be higher than “the other guy”, in some cases causing us to lose work. Once the project is completed, if compared to the V&S original price, customers have reported our supposed higher number would have actually saved money on the project because of our competitor's “add-on” practices. For the sake of comparison shopping please select one: *
8) If you had to pick one, what is the single most important reason you use V&S? Please select one: *
9) Do you receive our monthly Account/Receivable statements? *
10) All material V&S will galvanize is inspected by our in-house QA/QC to meet specifications prior to shipping the job. On occasion after the material has been galvanized we are asked to generate a Certificate of Compliance for this material. This results in additional labor, research, and documentation. Would you feel it would be fair to charge for this service? *
11) Space and storage of projects that have been delayed or put on hold is starting to be more of an occurrence. We pride ourselves in offering as much “value-added” services as possible. However, space can be limited and working around projects can be challenging. What time frame would you consider reasonable to hold material at our location before a charge would need to be added for the secure storage, and care of your steel? *
12) V&S pride ourselves on having the best quality and the best service in the business.Tell us, are we: *
13) Are you familiar with your Sales Representative? What is their name? *
14) Are you familiar with your Operations Managers? Do you know the name? *
15) When you receive an invoice for V&S services, are they? *
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