Fundraise with Fish!
We'd love to welcome you to the Springhills family for a fishy fundraiser. Tell us about you and your cause, and we'll be in touch 'reel' soon!
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Tell us about you!
We'll use some of this information to build a custom order website that you can share for fundraising!
1. What's the name of your group or organization?
2. Please tell us about your group or organization in 50 words or less.
3. Where are you located?
About Fish Drop-off & Pick-up
4. Are you in our existing delivery zones?
We deliver throughout southwestern Ontario on a monthly basis. There would be no order minimum or delivery fee if we can schedule your fundraiser in our existing delivery zones and delivery schedule. Here are our zones:
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5. Where will people pick up their fish? Please provide full address and any helpful details.
We will deliver the fish to a central location on a date/time we'll agree on. We can keep our freezer van there for an hour while you distribute the fish boxes. Can you provide the address and any details of the drop-off / pick-up location?
About Ordering
We will set up an order form on a shared website. You will have full access to all of the orders.
6. Would you also like paper order forms?
If you think it would helpful for your community, we can email you paper forms to print off. It is your responsibility to input these into the order website, as we don't process or recieve them back.
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7. What boxes would you like to sell? (And yes, we'd love if you want them all!)
8. If you had to guess how many boxes you'd sell, could you give us a range?
We won't hold you to this number, but it helps with our planning!
Once people purchase a fish box from the shared website, they'll receive an email that confirms their order, gives payment instructions, and tells them where and when to pick up their fish.
9. Would you like us to send a reminder email?
We can send out a second email 3 - 5 days before pick-up reminding everybody when and where to pick up their fish.
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About Payment
It is your responsibility to collect payment for all orders in advance of pick-up day. The order website cannot receive payment. However you'll have access to a list of all orders so you can track payment in advance. We will give payment instructions to purchasors during the check-out process.
9. Please let us know how your group or organization can receive payment. (We'll indicate these on the website)
10. If you accept e-transfer, please provide us with the email address that we should share.
We'll tell people to include their order number in the comments, so you can easily record and track them.
Central Contact at Organizaiton
Who is the central point of contact at your group or organization? This will be shared on the order website and confirmation emails.
11. Name:
12. Phone:
13. Email:
16. What is the name and email where we should send the final invoice to?
Your Contact Details
14. What is your name?
15. Your phone number
17. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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