Abortion Aftercare Support Kit: Request Form
***COVID-19 Disclaimer: Abortion Aftercare Support Kits can be obtained via contact-less delivery or pick up.

Please fill out this form if you are in need of an Abortion Aftercare Support Kit (AASK), provided by The SPIRAL Collective (Supporting People in Reproduction, Abortion, & Loss). These kits are designed to aid you in your at-home recovery process. They are intended for anyone recovering from ANY type of abortion, or miscarriage. SPIRAL provides our aftercare support kits at no cost to the client. Thank you to all our supporters who make this possible + sustainable.

** supplies in kits may vary
- 5 different sized maxi pads
- 1 reusable pad
- 3 tea bags
- 1 heating pad
- 1 bottle of water
- 3 Emergen-C packets
- 1 small journal
- 1 pen or pencil
- 1 pocket tissue pack
- 2 nut-free snacks
- acupressure resources
- 1 Support Kit Manual (with tips, guidelines for using each item, and resources)

Please fill out this form to your comfort. The aftercare bags varry and we will do our best to accommodate our clients needs.

*A note on confidentiality: The SPIRAL Collective takes client confidentiality very seriously. Your personal information, including any information revealed through any response that you submit through this form, will not be accessible to any person or entity outside of the SPIRAL Collective. We will keep your information private and secure.
** SPIRAL Collective is committed to providing non-judgmental, consent based support to all clients who seek our services.
**Please fill out this form using the CLIENT's information only. We cannot provide these services through any third party.
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