Operations Manager-Anabel's Grocery
Food insecurity at Cornell is real. The 2017 Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experiences (PULSE) survey indicated that more than 1 in 4 (27.9%) students skip meals due to financial constraints, this is a 5% increase since the 2015 PULSE survey.

Our team at Anabel’s Grocery is dedicated to solving this problem by offering a centralized place where students can purchase groceries, learn more about food, and participate in a passionate community focused on inclusivity; ultimately empowering students to cook wholesome meals, engage with their food environment in a meaningful way, and not break the bank- all at the same time.

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Who is an operations manager?
Term: August 2018- May 2019

As Operations Manager , you will be expected to:
- Oversee day-to-day store functioning to ensure maximum operational efficiency
- Support Operations team members on delegated tasks & projects
- Manage and re-order in-store supplies
- Maintain relationship with Building and Facilities Management.
- Oversee cash and sales reconciliation with CTA.
- Oversee and facilitate food waste management
- Lead training sessions and cover volunteer shifts as necessary
- Revise store operation procedures and implement best practices
- Work closely with the Purchasing, Marketing and Finance Teams, under the purview of the Director of Store Operations, to increase logistical efficiencies and cross-team collaboration

Description: The Operations Team is seeking a dedicated individual who will develop and monitor daily store functions. This person will actively seek feedback from employees, volunteers, and vendors to identify and pursue opportunities for improvement.

Special requirements: Strong technical writing skills. Ability to communicate clearly with food distributors to build lasting partnerships.

Duties and responsibilities: Understand and improve operational and financial procedures, refine the product order delivery and receiving process, update in-store training manuals to prepare workers for the daily operations at Anabel's, devote extra time towards bettering in-store operations as necessary.

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