Enter Style Invitational Week 1515:  "Sister cities" in Europe/Eurasia 
In this week's contest --  at wapo.st/invite1515 and in The Post's Arts & Style  section on Nov. 20, 2022:  
  Choose any two or more towns from the 51 countries in Europe/Eurasia and come up with a joint endeavor the “sister cities” would humorously undertake, based on their names, as in the examples in this week's column, like "The Brighton-Erle Alarm Clock Factory (England, Germany)." (What counts as Europe? Use the list of "Countries of Europe at countries-ofthe-world.com. (You may use a town anywhere in Russia or Turkey, even if it’s in the Asian part of that country.)   Check the contest directions for more details.   As usual, you get up to 25 entries in all.  For guidance, inspiration and general entertainment, see the results of our similar contest for U.S. towns here.  

 HOW TO FORMAT YOUR ENTRIES:     For each entry,  write it in a single line with your "joint venture," followed on the same line  with the names of the countries the towns are in.  Like this:  
 The Chester-Brest Any-Gender Bra Co. (England, France)   
Don't put the countries on a different line, or they'll be lost when the Empress shuffles them up to assure anonymity. 

 You may submit up to 25 entries total.  Entry deadline is one moment before midnight on Monday, Nov. 28,  wherever you are.   Results will be posted online Thursday, Dec. 15, and in the Arts & Style section Sunday, Dec. 18.    (See below about how to be notified by newsletter.)

 If you have more than one entry (maximum 25), you may submit all of them  at once on this form, or spread them out over different submissions; it doesn't matter to the Empress, who compiles them all at once -- though she'd prefer not to get 25 single-entry forms.  

Suggestions for alternative headlines/ honorable-mention subheads -- Now with their own little section of the form!   You may also include suggestions (up to 10 each)  for very short alternative headlines for this contest (to run with the results) and for the subhead for honorable mentions.  

Be sure to sign up for the free email newsletter!  The Empress's once-a-week email to announce the new contest and results  now comes  directly from the E.     Please sign up at  TheStyleInvitational.substack.com  it doesn't ask for any of your information except your email address.   You must sign yourself up or expressly write to the Empress (myerspat@gmail.com) to ask her to add you.    As always, the newsletters will include links to the Invitational -- including one that gets around The Post's paywall -- as well as to the Empress's supplementary column, The Style Conversational.    And it's easy to unsubscribe at any time, if you want to make the E cry.

Not a Post subscriber? Well, you should be!  But if you're not yet, you can see this week's contest in the Facebook group Style Invitational Devotees.  You should see this week's contest in the "Featured" section at the top of the page; click on the Style Invitational headline.  Also, there's a paywall-free link in the Substack newsletter (see the paragraph just above this one). 
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Type as many as 25 entries on the line below.  It's best to copy them in from another document (say, an email draft), so you'll have them if your computer suddenly dies or something, or if you click to submit the form and something goes wonky.  See the formatting instructions above.  *
If you have ideas for the headline for the contest results and/or the subhead above the list of honorable mentions,  submit them here (no more than 10 each). The headline for the results has to fit on the print page, so think SHORT -- and also remember that it has to introduce the reader to the contest, so it can't be an in-joke that would work only if you already knew it.   
   This one ran on Nov. 20:    In'SI'de jokes: Winning 'air quotes' -- that's as big as the whole headline can be.  
Fill out your name and postal address here.  The Empress can't mail you a prize if you don't tell her where you live!    Please use the name you go by in daily life -- nicknames are fine,  pseudonyms are not.   (If you get ink, we want to credit you as (YOUR REAL NAME OR NICKNAME,  name of town where you live, or  -- if you're vacationing, say -- where you're submitting from)    *
Feel free to leave any comments, complaints, general chat,  arrangements for bribes, etc.  Please don't include your name within this field, since the Empress might see it when she's judging.  You may also write to the Empress at pat.myers@washpost.com.
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