Property Tax Reform Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, which gives us a better idea of what Nebraskans really think about property tax reform.
Where do you believe property tax reform should rank on the list of priorities for the Nebraska Legislature? *
To your knowledge, what level of government is responsible for levying property taxes? *
On a scale from 1-10, how much of a financial worry are property taxes for you? *
I never worry about property taxes
Property taxes are a major worry for me
What aspect of property taxes do you find most objectionable? *
Are you willing to pay other taxes in exchange for paying less property tax? *
Which taxes would you rather pay more of in exchange for paying less property tax? You may select more than one. *
If you are willing to pay more sales tax, which of the following purchases would you be willing to pay sales taxes on in exchange for a lower property tax?
Once again, if you wouldn't mind paying more sales tax for property tax reform: Given the choice, would you rather pay a higher sales tax rate (ex. 8% instead of 7%) or pay sales tax on purchases you do not pay on currently?
Would you be willing to pay a higher total amount in state and local taxes than you pay now if you were guaranteed to pay less property tax in the future? *
Regardless of your response to the previous question, how much lower would your property tax bill need to be for you to feel the Legislature addressed your concerns? *
Which of these changes would you prefer most? *
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