Summer 2020 Programs
Please watch the videos at to get a better visualization of what Virtual Camp & Evening Enrichment Clubs will look like before completing the survey...

We've heard from Caregivers- they want it to be easy for the kids to do on their own. We will send supply lists in advance and are considering curating supply boxes available from for no-contact pick-up.

We will send videos in advance with how-to basics for using the platform and best practices so that campers get used to asking Guides for help instead of calling on their Caregiver.

Virtual Camp is a big undertaking and only makes sense for us to do it if we get a minimum number of campers per week to run.

Therefore it is imperative that we get these interest surveys ASAP (by Wed 5/20/20), so we can decide quickly if we'll meet those minimums to open registration.

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Has your child(ren) attended Camp Wildfolk before? *
How many children would you be registering? (FYI: if siblings share a device- which means doing the same activities- you can register just 1 child. However, if they are very different ages and/or want to each do their own classes on separate devices, please register individually-- we'll provide a sibling discount!) *
Have a child going into Pre-K/Kinder? Would you be interested in a more age-appropriate mini-program for them that meets for 1-2 hours?
For any children that would participate in Virtual Camp or Evening Enrichment Clubs, please mark their grades (entering in the Fall):
Virtual Summer Camp 2020
Virtual Summer Camp meets Monday-Friday from 10am- 2pm (drop-in style- stay for full day or just classes they want)

10:00 10:45 Camper Community Groups (small group breakouts with similarly aged peers & dedicated Guide)
10:45- 11:00 Morning Ceremony
11:00- 11:20 Electives: Movement (choice between 2 movement classes daily)
11:20- 11:30 Snack & Chat
11:30- 12:20 Electives: Innovation (choice between 2-6 electives)
12:20- 1:00 Lunch & Community (games & conversation)
1:00- 1:50 Electives: Creativity (choice between 2-6 electives)
1:50- 2:00 Closing Ceremony
Our sessions are 2-weeks long and meets Mon-Fri from 10:00am- 2:00pm. To accommodate families on a limited budget or wanting less screen time, we also have a 3-day/wk option that meets only M, T, & Th (does not include the special programming on Wed & Fri). Which program are you looking to enroll in? *
Please select which sessions of Virtual Camp you plan to enroll:
Evening Enrichment Clubs
Our evening Clubs provide a consistent, weekly meeting time for campers around various topics. As always, we provide engaging, interactive activities that help campers make connections and build community with peers.

These clubs are also an opportunity for us to offer more advanced offerings for older campers that might not want to participate in the regular virtual camp day.

Evening clubs meet once-a-week for 8 weeks (starting the week of June 22 through week of August 10th)

Clubs range from $100- $160
Please select which Evening Enrichment Clubs (4:30pm- 5:30pm) you'd enroll in:
If we created camp supply boxes that included all the essential supplies any maybe some specialty boxes for electives (with no-contact pick-up from LCS parking lot), would you be interested in purchasing?
Anything else you'd like us to know in considering offering programs this Summer?
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Thank you for supporting us in trying to create magical memories for kids this summer- even if it looks a little different than "normal"
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