PodCon 2 Programming Suggestions
We're looking for suggestions for content meet-ups, workshops, panels, and presentations. So let's define those things!

A group of people gather to informally discuss a particular topic or fandom. We're particularly looking for people interested in leading those meet-ups and giving them some structure.

Fairly in-depth, educational sessions. It might be audio compression and EQ, it might be how to create a three-act story arc inside of a multi-episode fiction podcast. Do you have expertise you can share?

You probably know what a panel is, but if you have suggestions for topics you'd like to see our experts discuss, or even want to lead a panel, please let us know!

A talk...like, you (or a person) on a stage saying words, maybe with a powerpoint, maybe not!

We're particularly interested in content centered around themes of mental health, disability/accessibility, activism, RPG podcasts and fiction podcasts.

The deadline to send in your proposal(s) is November 1, and proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. Of course we are limited by space and time, so we won't be able to incorporate every idea into our schedule, so the sooner you submit, the better!

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