ICTFL Distinguished Service Award
ICTFL is pleased to invite nominations for the ICTFL Awards for Distinguished Service to Foreign Language Learning for , which, by decision of the Board of Directors on February 28, 2005, henceforth replaces the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards.

Teachers and other adults who reside or are employed in Illinois are eligible to be nominated. Teachers must be ICTFL. member. The nominations may be made by any school, organization, or individual. The awards are given for contributions to a specific language (including English as a second language) or to foreign language learning in general, at any level of education.

Category I - Educators whose exemplary teaching has provided inspiration to large numbers of foreign language students or teachers. This category includes persons who have distinguished themselves in teacher education and as in service trainers, as well as in the actual teaching of languages and cultures.

Category II - Individuals who have contributed substantially to the enhancement of the profession of foreign language teaching in Illinois. This category covers efforts to improve the image and effectiveness of professional associations as well as the profession itself as an institution. It includes persons who have supported professional organizations by presenting at conferences, holding leadership positions, and serving on committees.

Category III - Individuals who have made outstanding efforts to promote foreign language study in Illinois. This category includes persons who have counseled students, organized advocacy efforts, developed promotional materials, and addressed community groups.

Category IV - Individuals who have made major financial contributions to advance or improve foreign language learning in Illinois. This category includes persons who have generated prizes or scholarships, obtained grants, or contributed funds, materials, or services other than teaching and training.

Category V - Individuals who have been influential in shaping public policy in favor of foreign language learning in Illinois. This category, which includes school administrators, school board members, and elected officials, also covers persons who have provided public testimony, supported legislative initiatives, influenced public opinion, and shaped curriculum decisions.

Category VI - Individuals whose research, writing, or curriculum development has markedly improved foreign language education in Illinois. This category includes authors of journal articles and developers of teaching materials, research projects, and curricula, including those designed for teacher training

Recipients will receive complimentary registration for the ICTFL WinterFest and the ICTFL Fall Conference for Friday and Saturday. They will also receive a one year’s complimentary membership in the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and an award certificate, which will be presented at the Fall Conference event. The award does not cover travel to the conference, breakfast, lodging, or the cost of special workshops. Each year a maximum of two awards will be designated for non educators statewide, a maximum of two per category for educators in ICTFL Region I, and one per category for educators in each of the other four Regions.
It is the responsibility of the nominator to collect all the letters and other necessary documents, and submit them.

Only complete applications will be considered. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY SEPTEMBER 15, 2018
A jury of ICTFL officers and other members will score the nominations. This process will be supervised by the ICTFL Awards Committee. The determination of the jury shall be final.

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