2017 River Watch Forum
This is an assessment of the International Water Institute's 2016-17 watershed education program, River Watch Forum, and an opportunity for teachers and students to provide suggestions and feedback for the 2017-18 programs.
Please select your state
Role of participant
How many years of River Watch experience do you have?
Which do you prefer as a requirement for the River Watch Forum assignment?
Aside from River Watch, how many extracurricular activities are you involved with throughout the year?
In 2016-17, which of the following River Watch program offerings have you participated in? (Check all that apply)
What Major Watershed do you live in?
What subwatershed do you live in?
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Where is the orgin (headwaters) of the Red River
Where is the Mouth (Delta) of the Red River
A water sample with a pH of 7 is...
A secchi tube is a measure of water...
How do you recreate in your watershed? (check all that apply)
Please provide any suggestions related to IWI's watershed education program. For example, what needs do you have as a participant, are there any products (curriculum, guidance manual, etc.) that may be developed to better serve you?
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Do you have any suggestions for the 2017-18 River Watch Forum assignment and assessment?
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