Dave P's BKK19 Puzzle
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H1 G3 F1 H2 G4 E3 D1 B2
A4 C3 B1 A3 C4 B6 A8 C7
B5 A7 C8 D6 E8 F6 D5 E7
G8 H6 F5 G7 H5 F4 E2 D4
C6 A5 B7 C5 A6 B8 D7 E5
F3 G1 H3 G5 H7 F8 E6 D8
F7 H8 G6 H4 G2 E1 D3 C1
A2 B4 C2 A1 B3 D2 E4 F2
There is a two word answer, and a more complete three word answer. You double your chances of winning the prize if you give the three word answer *
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