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Intern's day to day responsibilities include:

1. Increasing product reach by targeting friends, family, college groups, photography and event
management companies across India.
2. Generating events and managing your clients.
3. Boost public relations, gather comments and reviews.
4. Creating captions and content for digital marketing.
5. Increasing product awareness through other platforms and referrals.

Skills Required:
MS Office Suite, moderate communication skills and ENTHUSIASM.

Training sessions provided regarding:

1. Marketing skills such as social media marketing, digital marketing as well as on
field marketing techniques.
2. Personality development as well as professional English speaking tips and tricks.
(To improve convincing skills during sales and marketing)
3. Basics of design software’s like Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

Internship Outcome:
KSP is a 1-month internship which aims at holistic development and entry cum experience into the real world. Activities will range from digital marketing to Human Resources and from Public relations to sales; which will help the students to understand and get a better idea about their interest and will develop and improve their skills.
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