Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination
The Lifetime Achievement Award is established to honor the accomplishments of professionals in the ESL/ESOL field who throughout their years of service have exemplified dedication to ESL/ESOL students at any educational level and/or in ESL/ESOL teacher training. The award is presented at the Annual Fall Conference

This award is bestowed upon individuals who have been working in the ESL/ESOL field in Maryland for at least 15 years and who have made substantial and exemplary contributions to the field, its students, and /or teachers at any educational level.

• The award is non-competitive.
• There is no limit to the number of awards that may be bestowed in any given year.
• The Awards Committee will consider all nominees meeting the sustained and exemplary test criteria for the award.
• In regards to the Nomination Statement, a bio statement from a publication and/or conference program is not appropriate, nor is a resume and/or CV.
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