Taiwan Harvest 119 Application 台灣豐收119 申請表
"Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart!" (Ps. 37:4)
"又要以耶和華為樂,他就將你心裡所求的賜給你。" (詩篇37:4)
What is your name, address and phone number?姓名/住址/電話 : *
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What is your birth date?生日 : *
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What kind of work are you passionate about? 哪些事工是您所熱愛的? *
How long of a commitment do you feel called to make to missions in Taiwan? 您願意受呼召到台灣宣教幾年?
Describe your calling. 請簡述您所受的呼召 *
Include significant events, people, and Bible verses which have led you to this sense of direction and calling.影響你受呼召的具體事件、人或聖經經文 :
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Describe any missions experience you have had. Talk about the positive side and the negative side. 簡述您曾經有的宣教經驗。正面及負面的經驗。 *
What did you learn about yourself? About doing missions? About God? About life?從宣教經驗中您學到甚麼? 對自己/對宣教/對上帝/對生命的看法。:
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What Bible training or education have you received?您有否受過任何聖經課程或教育訓練? *
Include education received at church.包含在教會所受的訓練 :
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