Bacterial 16S metabarcoding - 15 & 17/02/2022
Sequencing of the 16S rRNA gene is a well established method of determining the bacterial taxonomic composition of microbiomes. This has been used for human and animal body sites, soil, sewage, clouds, deserts, permafrost and many other environments. This course will give you the ability to describe the advantages and disadvantages of 16S rRNA sequencing, and analyse 16S rRNA datasets with the QIIME2 bioinformatics platform.

Places are restricted to UK-based researchers and only 20 places are available so please only register if you intend on attending.

The workshop will be held over two days on Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 February, 10am-4pm, with registration opening 9.30am on Tuesday.

The deadline to register is Monday 1st February. You will hear later that week whether you have been invited and will need to confirm your attendance.

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