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The Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences (AGILE) is a primarily web based multiversity campus. We use the term multiversity instead of university because we believe that peaceful and sustainable co-existence requires acknowledging and respecting the plural nature of reality. Our core mission is to d6evelop, grow, and share skills for co-creating and navigating all our many different worlds together to help make Earth a world in which many worlds fit. We believe that games (analogue, digital, and mixed-reality) are an ideal medium for learning 21st century skills.

We're so impressed with #Minecraft #UPDATE 1.14 (Java)/1.11 (Bedrock) that we've created this series of two-week long online and face to face #summer camps dedicated to mastering the new tools and worlding within! Thanks to @Logdotzip for the exciting showcase video @ [50 Updates NEW in Minecraft 1.14].
Also see concise coverage of the update from @ibxtoycat at ["Village & Pillage" Update OUT NOW - Minecraft 1.11 / 1.14]

For those based on Oʻahu, we have eight of fifteen spaces available per cohort for in person sessions with complete technology access in Kakaʻako. For those who are registering for online-only, student will need to have their own device and internet to join. Learn more about the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences at

#KnowledgeISPower #WisdomISKey #AGILE2019 #KIPWIK #Minecraft #VillageNPillage #OnlineSummerCamps

☆Two-week camps run 9am to 12pm Hawaiian time Monday to Friday with the first cohort beginning June 3rd and the final one ending August 30th, see below for link to detailed schedule.

☆☆Camp director and primary instructor: Cody Lestelle☆☆
For examples of Codyʻs past teaching with Minecraft, see:
☆"Minecraft Camp Builds Virtual Hawaiian Islands" by Kawena Carvalho-Mattos in Ka Wai Ola (September, 2018: 7) at
☆"Gaming for credit: Playing Minecraft can be worth three college credits, thanks to an outreach class" by Lani Hoshino in Ka Leo (June 10, 2018: 3) at

☆To secure your spot in the selected cohort, make a $50 deposit (if not on scholarship, $500 total price to be paid in full no later than one week prior to your cohort's start date) at

☆Those who cannot afford the full price may apply for a financial need-based scholarship, up to a possible 100% tuition voucher or full ride, by submitting a 1 page paper describing the student's quest in life.

☆Those wishing to be considered for a camp facilitator/Game Master position must submit a resume and cover letter.

☆All relevant documents should be emailed to with the subject AGILE SUMMER 2019. Acceptable file formats include: docx, .doc, .odt, or .pdf. Thank you for being here, we look forward to connecting soon.
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