HUGE Show Proposal Form
Anyone submitting a show for consideration is expected to have read the show guidelines:

As well as HUGE's Policy Against Harassment:

Thank you! Your submission will be reviewed at the next Artistic Meeting. We will send an initial confirmation email within three weeks and will let you know if we have any questions regarding your proposal.

We schedule most shows about 6-8 months out, though we hold a few programming slots open to have greater flexibility to schedule 1-3 months out. If your show is not scheduled this go-around, please consider re-submitting when the form opens again as long as it is a show or idea you are still actively engaged in.

The show proposal window closes on Sept. 30th and all scheduling decisions will go out within a month after that. You will hear from us either way. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

Thanks for thinking of HUGE as a potential venue for your show!
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This helps us know how close to "show ready" you are when we have cancellations
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Holding auditions when possible is encouraged - HUGE is happy to be a venue for your auditions, free of charge
Demographics *
Please indicate the makeup of your cast. Check all that apply. We collect this information because we are often asked by granting organizations to describe the demographics of the artists we serve. We also like to track change over time.
Cast List *
Please list the confirmed members of your cast - we understand this may change
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Boundaries *
Please describe your cast/group's process for establishing and checking in on the level of intimacy and boundaries for shows and rehearsals. Here is a guide from Fairplay:
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Director/Coach *
It is strongly desired that all proposed shows at HUGE have a director/coach who is not a member of the cast and is responsible for giving notes and direction proceeding and during the show's HUGE run - HUGE's Artistic Director may give notes to shows as well, and would then deliver those notes to your director/coach.
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Who should be credited as producer? Will be used on website and social media
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Show Description *
Give us all the details you can - it helps to know what you really love about the show and what you think is really strong about it or what a perfect-world version of the show would be , give us a feel for what an audience would see and what the experience would be like watching your show.
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Preferred Time Slot *
When are you thinking?
Availability *
We schedule most shows 6-8 months out, though we reserve a few slots that we schedule 1-3 months out. While we understand you may not know a full 8 month''s worth of availability, please advise to the best of your ability which months your show would be available.
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Person that will be responsible for marketing *
"Everyone" is not acceptable - One name only
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What are your preliminary plans to promote and market the show?
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HUGE show guidelines *
I agree to abide by the HUGE Theater Guidelines for Performers, and to forward those guidelines to every member of my group:
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